Monday, February 10, 2014


A STANDARD is a shrub or tree that is produced with one straight, central trunk (leader) and and trimmed with a rounded head of branches. Lower stems and shoots are removed and the remaining upper branches are clipped frequently, to the desired shape and to encourage density.

Many plants lend themselves to being topiary specimens, the more desirable being evergreens with a dense, bushy habit that responds well to pruning and glossy, smaller leaves.

Acmena smithii FIRESCREEN Pbr is the most dense growing of all the broad-leafed improved Acmena smithii Lilly Pillies and boasts stunning copper-red new growth (which, when pruned, reveals a deep green ball). Disease and pest resistant AND heat/cold/coastal/wind tolerant, FIRESCREEN is ideal for pleaching and topiary with an outstanding container life.


^ LOVE A LILLY PILLY LOLLYPOP? FIRESCREEN is a hardy choice, produced by growers around Australia. Ask for FIRESCREEN by name from your local retailer.