Thursday, March 6, 2014


HOT, DRY CONDITIONS? Once established, olives laugh at tough conditions and are a good choice for sloping, well drained positions with coastal influence.

ABOVE: Clipped Olive Trees, Mudbrick Vineyard, NZ. Photo: Tracey Knowland

Here are but a few, currently in production for landscape at our nursery.

CORATINA: A major Italian variety from Apulia bearing from a young age with medium fruit (2-3.5g. High oil content. Ripens late season. Considered dual purpose. Very cold resistant. Usually pickled green.

FRANTOIO: From Tuscany, Italy, this variety has high yields of small / medium fruit (2-3g) ripening mid/late season. Fruit has a nutty flavour (when pickled) and a high oil content.

TOLLEY'S UPRIGHT: An upright grower with fine, silvery-grey filiage, this is an ornamental, low-fruiting variety useful for tubs and screen plantings.
RIGHT: When planted at close intervals Tolley's Upright makes a lovely hedge.

HELENA: While it's origin is unknown, cuttings for Helena were taken from olive trees, growing since the 1800's, at an old penal settlement on St Helena island in Moreton Bay QLD. Similar in habit and fruiting to Frantoio, with it's subtropical heritage, Helena has a tolerance for humidity.

PS - olives can do a little too well in some regions where they have become a weed, in which case a non-fruiting variety is recommended. Check with your local Council if you are not sure.